Research Prototype

Finetuner allows users to explore music at a high-level (e.g. selecting angry music) or seamlessly engage to make specific selections (e.g. albums in that area). Engagement is signalled using pressure input: increasing the amount of force applied signals increased engagement.

Under construction. There will be a nice video here, once we have put together the nice camera ready version...

Relevant Publications

  • Boland, D., McLachlan, R. and Murray-Smith, R. Engaging with Mobile Music Retrieval. To Appear In Proceedings of ACM MobileHCI 2015. (Copenhagen, Denmark). ACM Press Addison-Wesley.

  • Boland, D., McLachlan, R. and Murray-Smith, R.Inferring Music Selections for Casual Music Interaction. In Proceedings of EuroHCIR, SIGIR 2013 (Dublin, Ireland)